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Truss Tech Industries was founded in 1987 by Alec, Jay, and Bobby Asgari. Truss Tech is manufacturing facility for pre-engineered roof and floor wood trusses. Truss Tech is a one of the largest truss companies in Georgia and has been rated Number 9 in the U.S. over the years since 1994. We operate inside a 150,000 square foot manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art computer systems and a working force of over 250 employees. Truss Tech currently services eighteen of the top twenty home builders in the Atlanta area as well as apartment builders and several large commercial companies.

Much has been written about building smarter,yet as long as men have labored to build with wood, most construction has been done on-site, one board at a time.

In today's economy, increasing governmental regulation, higher lumber prices and escalating labor costs are causing builders to seek alternative methods to maintain profit margins. At Truss Tech, we bring modern technology to bear on age-old problems while improving the structural integrity of the frame.

If you've always believed that "stick built" is best, discover the added quality and strength of pre-engineered roof trusses, floor trusses, and wall panels. You'll be amazed at the savings you'll receive through greater utilization of lumber, reduced theft and waste at the job site, faster completion time and reduced labor costs, and saving on interest.

If you've already been using pre-engineered roof and floor systems, you'll discover that Truss Tech dedication and professionalism are unmatched in the industry. Our plant operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our engineering department includes 18 on-staff Designers and a state-of-the-art CAD system. If you need expert service, you need it fast, we are there to meet or exceed your expectations. We are the Federal Express® of the Truss Industry.

Whether you're building is for residential, commercial, agricultural, or light industrial applications, we offer you state-of-the-art technology and old-fashioned reliability. That is the foundation of our business and your blueprint for greater profit. So, put Truss Tech on your team . Together we can build more profitably, and get the job done faster. It's the smart way to do business, today.

1. Alec Asgari, President
2. Jay Asgari, Vice President of Production
3. Bobby Asgari, Vice President of Sales/Engineering

Truss Tech Industries, Inc.
4883-B Roy Carlson Blvd. NE • Buford, GA 30518
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E-Mail:  sales@trusstech.com